Britain's Got Talent - Union Jack K6 Kiosk

In just 2 weeks, we were able to create this stunning, bespoke Union Jack K6 Kiosk, delivered straight to the stage of Britain's Got Talent.

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We were first contacted by the Production Crew at Britain's Got Talent in the middle of January 2016 who were interested in sourcing a bespoke Telephone Box for use on their show. They were looking for something unique to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show. This is not a problem for us as we are well versed in helping clients put their ideas into a tangible product. The one snag we did have was that we only had 2 weeks to complete and deliver the product to London. Delivery was to be no later than 11:00 on Tuesday, 26th January as filming would be starting at 16:00.

Work started with our team stripping out the glass and internal fittings from an original K6 phone box. This was sandblasted back to bare metal, de-greased and then primed ready for the hard work to begin. Both side panels were made solid to maximise the impact of a Union Jack and the interior was sprayed red.

After several coats of blue paint guide lines were added to determine how the next stage would progress and which areas would be painted in what colours. Following a carefully designed plan, large sections were then covered to protect them from further painting.

The exposed areas were sprayed with white paint and after drying further areas were carefully masked off following the designed template.

All the remaining areas were then sprayed with red and allowed to dry completely before the next stage, which would determine how successful the process had been.

All of the masking tape and paper was removed to reveal the final product. A Britain's Got Talent "Time Machine" painted as the Union Jack flag. To complete the outside of the box TELEPHONE transoms were installed, the base was painted black and the crowns were finished with gold paint.

We decided to create an interior as quirky as the show is so we commissioned and framed caricatures of the four judges which were attached to the backboard in place of the posters that would originally have been inside. Also, Britain's Got Talent would not be the same without those two cheeky chappies, Ant and Dec. Delivery went to plan and we installed the phone box on set ready for filming to start at 16:00hrs.


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